Upgrade to Reef


This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade your MicroCeph cluster from the Quincy release to the Reef release. Follow these steps carefully to prevent to ensure a smooth transition.


Checking Ceph Health

Before initiating the upgrade, ensure that the cluster is healthy. Use the below command to check the cluster health:

sudo ceph -s

Note: Do not start the upgrade if the cluster is unhealthy.

Upgrading Each Cluster Node

If your cluster is healthy, proceed with the upgrade by refreshing the snap on each node using the following command:

sudo snap refresh microceph --channel reef/stable

Be sure to perform the refresh on every node in the cluster.

Verifying the Upgrade

Once the upgrade process is done, verify that all components have been upgraded correctly. Use the following command to check:

sudo ceph versions

Unsetting Noout

If you had previously set noout, unset it with this command:

sudo ceph osd unset noout

You have now successfully upgraded to the Reef Release.