Manages pools in MicroCeph.


microceph pool [command]

Available commands:

set-rf      Set the replication factor for pools

Global flags:

-d, --debug       Show all debug messages
-h, --help        Print help
    --state-dir   Path to store state information
-v, --verbose     Show all information messages
    --version     Print version number


Sets the replication factor for one or more pools in the cluster. The command takes two arguments: The pool specification (a string) and the replication factor (an integer).

The pool specification can take one of three forms: Either a list of pools, separated by a space, in which case the replication factor is applied only to those pools (provided they exist). It can also be an asterisk (‘*’) in which case the process is applied to all existing pools; or an empty string (‘’), which sets the default pool size, but doesn’t change any existing pools.


microceph pool set-rf <pool-spec> <replication-factor>